PD-4453 On measures to drastically reduce the statistical, fiscal, financial reporting, licensable activities and licensing procedures

To note that the republic has consistently and deliberately carried out measures to create favorable business environment, simplify creation and ensure greater freedom of activity of the business by removing unnecessary bureaucratic barriers, reducing of licensing and permitting procedures, forms, statistical, financial and tax reporting that don’t meet modern requirements, improving the mechanism of their submission.

Currently, small businesses and private entrepreneurship present only one form of a simplified statistical reporting on a quarterly basis, financial statements are presented once a year. Over 78 percent of business entities present tax reports electronically. Last year 65 types of licensing procedures were abolished.

However, the current system of statistics, tax and financial reporting is cumbersome and needs a radical simplification and reform. A large number of licensing requirements and licensing procedures does not comply with current policy on the further liberalization of the economy and market economy principles, often duplicate other instruments of government regulation.

In order to radically improve the business environment, create favorable conditions for business activities by elimination of bureaucratic barriers, reduce and simplify the licensing and permitting procedures, radical improvement of the reporting system and the order of its presentation in accordance with the requirements of market economy, international norms and standards:

  1. To agree with the proposal of the Working Group on preparing proposals to radically reduce the accountability, licensed activities and permitting procedures, established in accordance with the order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan P-3829 dated April 17, 2012:

on reduction of national statistical, financial, tax and other reporting by their elimination and consolidation of duplicate forms, as well as the frequency of submission of applications according to the number 1, 2 and 2a, 3, 3a, 4 and 4a in a timely manner;

on abolition of August 1, 2012 80 licensing procedures (26% of the total), in accordance with Annex 5, and 15 licensed activities (20% of total), including the expense of their removal and consolidation of applications according to the number 6 and 6a.

To establish that the August 1, 2012:

license for activities on the list in accordance with Annex № 7, issued for an indefinite term. At the same time the previously issued licenses to carry out these activities are not limited to the duration of their action;

refusing to issue licenses and permits for new grounds is prohibited if the subjects of business were re-submitted the application with the removal of the previously mentioned disadvantages.

  1. To set the order according to which from January 1, 2013:

submission of tax reporting for all types of taxes and other obligatory payments on a monthly basis is canceled, except for the excess profits tax;

microfirms submit statistical reports on an annual basis with quarterly conducting sample surveys by statistical agencies in the respective directions and spheres of activity.

  1. To strictly warn the heads of the competent authorities on issuing licenses and documents of permissive nature of their personal responsibility for the strict observance of the legislation on licensing and permitting procedures in the field of entrepreneurship.

Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor of the Republic of Uzbekistan to establish a systematic monitoring of absolute compliance by the public and economic administration of the law governing the reporting, licensing and permitting procedures, the adoption of effective measures to eliminate bureaucratic barriers and the prevention of violation of the law.

  1. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

to review critically the fees paid by business entities to obtain licenses and allowing documents to carry out business activities, within two months, and make decisions on reduction of their price by at least two times;

to provide a gradual transfer of all business entities to the electronic submission system of the statistical, tax and financial reporting, by the end of 2014, as well as the introduction of electronic forms for applications for licenses and permission through the Internet, providing opportunities to applicants interactive monitor the process of the application, in the period of 2012-2016.

  1. Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information in cooperation with concerned ministries and departments to create a single web site, with the information on the list of licensed activities and permitting procedures, required documents to obtain licenses and permits, and continuously updated information on the subjects of entrepreneurship, obtaining licenses and permits to carry out relevant activities within three months.
  2. State Tax Committee, State Committee on Statistics of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information, Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with other concerned ministries and departments to hold seminars in Tashkent city and regions to explain the measures taken to further reduce the statistical, tax and financial reporting capabilities with the use of electronic data collection and processing within one month.
  3. Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the concerned ministries and departments to submit to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals on changes and amendments to legislation arising from this Decree within one month.

Ministries, departments, business associations and the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan to critically review the structure and content of stored reporting taking into account the best foreign experience and international practice, and bring their departmental regulations into compliance with this Decree within one month.

  1. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan to make appropriate changes in the registry of legal acts arising from this Decree and its complexes within one month in the prescribed manner.
  2. To entrust the control over the execution of this decree to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoev.


Islam Karimov, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan